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Post  silferysky on Sun May 12, 2013 6:41 am

Basic rules for forums :

1) No spamming, but bumping is allowed
2) No personal attacks, constructive criticism is acceptable
3) No explicit or sexual content
4) No double posting. Instead, edit your old post
5) No profanities/swearing
6) You may post your wants and people may reply to them. However, no money should be involved. If you wish to trade please do so discretely or pm the other person. We don't want an auction house.

For any conflict/argument, please contact a Moderator or Admin

If there are any rules you want enforced, do send me a PM. I'll review it and see if it is to be added into the system.

Note : You will receive a warning from a Moderator/Admin before being banned. Please take note of this, as we do not want repeated offences.

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